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My name is Alan Roycroft and I am a fully qualified Fitness Coach living in Knocknacarra, Co. Galway. I love to work with clients to provide the guidance, support, accountability and motivation you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

I offer both in-person and online training options which I tailor and personalise specifically for you, your schedule and your goals. I will support and advise every step of the way. Have a look at my 1-to-1 and class options if you are looking to improve any or all of the following; 

  • Health & Fitness

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Strength & Stability

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Balance & Co-ordination  

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I'm passionate about taking a holistic approach to health & fitness - helping people to get active in order to stay fit and be happy.

I strongly believe that having a healthy body and mind is a must for everyone in today's fast-paced world. My main aim is to help make exercise more accessible, sustainable and enjoyable regardless of your age, fitness level or goal. My job is to guide, support and encourage you to improve your overall fitness, mental resilience and any other goals that you have in mind.

Take some time to read some of the testimonials below to see what other people thought of my approach to fitness and see if my style would suit you.

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I’ve always wanted to improve my fitness but found it difficult to get a class that suited me. I tended to get overwhelmed and would give up after only a couple of weeks. But Alan’s class has been completely different.

For the first time I find myself actually looking forward to the classes and I feel a real sense of achievement after. Something that really helped me is that Alan gives modifications to each exercise, so I could start from my pretty unfit level and build up at my own pace. Alan is passionate about fitness and wellbeing, and you feel that in the classes.

He’s motivational and encouraging and creates a great atmosphere that’s friendly, fun and non-judgemental. Even though it’s a group class Alan focuses on the individual too, helping you feel like you can achieve your personal best in every class.

I just can’t recommend Alan highly enough as a trainer. I’m delighted I found his classes. I honestly can’t believe the improvements I’ve felt in my fitness and energy levels in only a few months. And being able to feel these improvements has also been a great boost to my mental wellbeing. I would recommend Alan’s classes to everyone; you won’t be disappointed!


Alan has helped me achieve my goals so far. My overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. The sessions are great as he makes it fun and enjoyable to train and he is very motivating and encouraging!

Each class is thirty minutes long and the exercises differ meaning that its quick, effective and you go at an intensity to suit you.

If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you’re looking for in a trainer, then Alan is the trainer for you.


Alan’s classes are brilliant! Lovely friendly environment to workout and make some new friends too. 
Excellent range of exercises, and Alan can tailor them to your needs. 
30 minutes done & dusted💪❤️ 
Highly recommend AR Fitness Coach, you won’t regret 30mins of your day to put into yourself!! P.s the boxing is fantastic 🥊🥊


I have completed 9 months on Alan's personal fitness programme and it has been the best thing I have done for my physical and mental fitness in years. I like lots of other health care workers who work long hours and find prioritising time for your physical wellbeing a challenge. I was also one of those people who felt the gym was inaccessible to me because I didn't know what to do. However, doing the programme with Alan has changed my approach to exercise and in an easy accessible way helped me make it a priority.

He worked the plan around my work schedule which made it so much easier. And on weeks where I got nothing done, his understanding and supportive approach always got me back on track with helpful solutions and never criticism.

I now enjoy doing exercise and make it a priority as it has done wonders for not only my physical but also my mental wellbeing. In short I would recommend Alan's programme to everyone.


Alan engages everyone in fun, effective exercise while creating a friendly, no judgement, connected group feeling. Flexible plans available to suit everyone.


Alan is an excellent trainer, knowing when and how to push you to get the most from each session, all the more impressive as it has been a wholly online service to date due to Covid. Alan has structured the sessions to suit my requirements and has provided very useful online tutorials to walk me through the session and techniques. Alan is very personable, is always available for questions and you can see the passion he has for his job. I would highly recommend his services.


I am a reluctant exerciser, but I really enjoy sessions with Alan. After lockdown, my fitness was at an all-time low, as was my motivation. I was delighted to spot Alan’s ad for outdoor classes as I had trained with him in the past. Alan is so encouraging, helpful and welcoming and is a great motivator. Sessions are tough but manageable and we always have a laugh. And that post- workout feeling is fantastic! My only regret is that I didn’t take the plunge sooner. My fitness levels are improving and I’m sleeping much better. I look forward to the sessions - even thunder and lightning didn’t stop me! Give Alan a shout- you won’t regret it 👍🏻


Since the lockdown started I’ve been working with Alan as a virtual personal trainer. His personalised workout programmes have turned me from a pretty half arsed gym goer to feeling more motivated and fit than I ever have. Couldn’t recommend him enough if you’re looking for a home training programme. Give him a shout!


Started with Alan in November and up to this point, hadn't worked one on one with a trainer. I had followed various online programmes with some success, but wanted something more individualised and targeted and that's exactly what Alan provides. The programme is tailored to what you're looking for, with your specific goals in mind. I also love Alan's focus on mental health, well-being and positive mindset. The programme allowed me to do workouts in my own time and was very flexible. Alan was always available to give support and has a positive, encouraging and helpful approach where you'd feel comfortable to ask anything. I noticed big changes in my mood, skin, fitness and overall energy on starting the plan and really toned up overall. I decided not to measure or weigh myself and just focus on feels and clothes and I feel so much better in myself. I can wear my wedding dress now with confidence. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Alan. He is so professional and great at what he does.


I’ve been working with Alan on my fitness journey for a while now. I honestly couldn’t recommend him enough. He cares and tries to help you achieve your goals. I set myself a challenge in this lockdown and asked his advice, he’s been so enthusiastic in helping me. He checks in every week to see how I’m getting on and will answer any queries I have. The zoom classes, though I much prefer to do it outside, are great! It’s 30 minutes - done and dusted. Time absolutely flies by. Before you have a chance to moan, it’s over 😂😂. I’m a morning person, love to get it done before work. I find it really sets me up to deal with any stresses the day may throw at me. No two sessions are the same which is great - keeps the brain from guessing 🤣 If you’re on the fence, give one of his classes a go. He’s very supportive and encouraging. You honestly won’t regret it 😊 as they say: you never regret a workout 💪💪


I've been going to Alan's classes for a while now and I'm delighted I found them. Coming back to exercise classes after having kids I was a bit nervous but I needn't have been. The classes always have a friendly welcoming atmosphere and there isn't a whiff of that "no pain no gain" shouty vibe. Alan offers gentle encouragement and classes are varied and adaptable to your ability. Highly recommend giving them a go!


I have been attending Alan's online HIIT classes since November and I couldn't recommend them enough. Every class is so varied which definitely keeps us all on our toes, the 30 min class length is perfect as it doesn't feel like too much a commitment and you definitely work harder than if it was a longer session. Especially during lockdown and working from home I always get such a boost from them - and Alan always does an excellent 5 min stretch to end each session which is so important when you spend a lot of the day sitting in front of a laptop.


I used to not workout because I was afraid of pain in my knees from an old injury. When I joined Alan’s programme I discovered a part of fitness that I didn’t know! I never hurt my knees again while working out, I lost 4 kilos in the first 3 months and improved my mental health. When I was not feeling motivated Alan took his time to help me to get back on track and showed understanding of how to motivate yourself through the challenges of everyday life.


This is as close to a hug exercising will get. Alan gives consistent, gentle encouragement, with tips for technique, to create a well rounded workout. 30mins sessions are perfect for an exercise-avoidance pro like me. It's enough to make a difference but not too much to make me dread it. He has made adjustments to accommodate injuries and so it often feels like the quality of 1:1 coaching. He's also just lovely and a nice cheery face to see if you've just dragged yourself out of bed and are wondering why is exercise so hard. He makes it easier.


I first contacted Alan during lockdown to start some fitness regimes. He was excellent from beginning to end. He was quick to respond and very thorough. Very reasonably priced and followed through every time. He listened to what we wanted and adjusted routines to suit us individually. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him.


As a complete novice I started training with Alan in November 2020. I was nervous at first and very inexperienced but Alan put me at ease right away. He caters to clients of all levels of ability and is very encouraging and motivating. I began by doing a couple of one to one sessions with Alan on Zoom to learn how to do the exercises properly and safely. After a few sessions and with Alan’s encouragement I joined his HIIT classes. I have been doing 3 classes a week since then. The classes take place on Zoom and are very convenient with lots of different times to suit everybody. Alan is always very supportive and motivating and makes a huge effort to develop a rapport with his clients and get to know their goals. The HIIT sessions are good fun and each one is different. I always feel great afterwards and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Alan as a personal trainer, whether you are a fitness fanatic or a total novice like me. Alan caters for all.


I approached Alan in January to host a Zoom HIIT class for Compass Ireland’s “Power of Pause” series. We brought our employees virtual events throughout the month of January to encourage everyone to step away from their busy days and take a break, focusing very much on health & wellbeing.

Alan was so responsive, professional and accommodating to work with. As it was a corporate session the age profile and fitness levels varied so Alan created a class that was suitable for all fitness levels always including ways to make it a little easier or harder. The session was completely tailored to our needs and included a fantastic stretch to finish up which is so important for those working from home.

Over 30 people attended the session and I got such great feedback from all levels of the business. Not only did everyone enjoy it on a personal level, but it was also a nice connection with colleagues we hadn’t seen in a little while. I couldn’t recommend AR Fitness enough and look forward to working with Alan again in the future.

Maeve Clancy, Marketing Manager, Compass Group Ireland

Excellent classes that are well planned out and run efficiently, while still being impactful. Alan is very clear in his communication, explaining each exercise clearly and to the T. Would recommend it to people of all fitness levels, but particularly good for those that don't know where to start!


Alan is a supportive, motivating, and enthusiastic coach. I started his classes in recent months and they have been nothing short of excellent. They are short and sweet but extremely effective. I love that no two classes are ever the same, this offers variety to each session. His classes are suitable to all fitness levels. Alan does a fantastic job of motivating and encouraging you to reach your full potential in every class. His constant positivity and encouragement make the classes really enjoyable.


I started Alan’s online classes in November 2020. I love that each class is different and 30 minutes - it is quick and very effective. He offers different options depending on your level which was very helpful when I first joined to be able to build up my strength week after week. He makes the class fun and is very good at motivating you throughout the class. His classes are so much more than just an exercise class! Delighted to have started with Alan.


I’ve returned to exercise after some injuries and lockdown after discovering Alan’s classes for older adults. To say I am delighted I found these classes is an understatement. Alan takes our abilities and limitations into account and the classes are friendly and supportive. Because the classes are small Alan can help with technique to get the best out of the exercise programme. He has introduced us to boxing which is great fun. Alan is very encouraging and I can highly recommend him as a fitness coach.


Alan's classes are excellent and suit all levels of fitness. I really enjoy the classes as he motivates and encourages you throughout the exercises and helps you get the best out of the session. He is always varying the sessions and no class is the same. He explains the exercises really well throughout the class, and enables me to get the best out of the work out. I would highly recommend Alan as a fitness trainer.


Alan is a great trainer. Always available to answer any questions. So much support throughout the program. Incorporates mind and body into the workouts which is quite unique. Would highly recommend.


As a busy mom of 3 Alan's program really works for me. I started with a few personal training zooms (PT for those of us not in the know 😉). These one to one sessions gave me valuable feedback on how to do the exercises to benefit me, also what not to do! I then moved onto the 30 min zoom HITT classes. These are great! It's easy to motivate yourself for 30min and get a break from the madness!


When the gyms closed in December, I started to workout at home doing my own weight training with what equipment I had. After a couple of weeks I felt my workouts didn't have enough cardio, apart from short walks/runs in the evening after work (desk job). As much satisfaction that I got from the weight sessions, my training lacked the buzz that a good cardio session gives you. So I signed up to Alan's online HIIT classes in early January. After the first class, I realized how much my own cardio fitness had gone back a bit, but I really enjoyed the class as there was no pressure to keep up with anyone else, and best of all got that feel good buzz afterwards. Over the next few classes I felt my cardio fitness improve, and this incentivized me to keep pushing my own limits further at each class. The energy and variety in the classes is great, with no two classes the same. Alan keeps us guessing what's coming up next ! His various combinations of exercises targeting different muscles are brilliant along with the warm up beforehand and stretching afterwards. What I love as well is the accountability. I don't think I would have the same level of motivation and intensity doing this on my own as I do in the class setting under Alan's guidance. I just put everything into that half hour and give it socks. Even when the gyms reopen, I hope to keep doing the classes as part of my overall training strategy. So whether on their own, or as a supplement to your own training, I couldn't recommend Alan's HIIT classes more highly enough.


I signed up to the upper body and core sessions after a long winter of little or no strength training and found them hugely beneficial. Alan explains every exercise in clear and simple terms, is really encouraging and always keeps things fresh and most importantly lighthearted!! Highly recommend for all levels!


I’d love to hear your feedback. Get in touch today.


Don't hesitate to contact me directly to have a chat about what I can do to help you on your fitness journey and get the most up-to-date prices. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Knocknacarra, Galway, Ireland


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